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NOVEMBER 1, 2019

Glen Copack partners with Sorge’s Restaurant to produce their famed Italian pasta sauce.

It’s time to tuck a napkin into your collar because this month we are talking pasta sauce with Sorge’s Restaurant. Located in the heart of Corning, NY, Sorge’s has long been the place for Italian food in the area. This family eatery has been filling bellies and making smiles since Mike Sorge’s parents opened the doors in 1951. Mike and his brother Joseph joined the operation in 1973 and continued on the family legacy.


That’s what you feel when you walk into Sorge’s. Love, family, tradition and community. Glen Copack feels honored to partner with such an important local staple to produce their popular pasta sauce. Let’s dig in.

When a fire devoured the entire Sorge’s building in 2008, that didn’t stop Mike from continuing the family business. After the fire and his brother’s retirement, Mike and his wife Christine re-opened for business in the spring of 2010. Despite this setback Mike never forgot his goal of producing his family’s pasta sauce for customers to purchase and cook with at home.

Mike mentions that, “pretty much throughout the time period before and after the fire, we had been looking for a cost effective way to bottle and sell our tomato sauce.” Glen Copack is different than bigger food manufacturers. We understand that for small businesses or startups, it is difficult to find a co packer that will pay close attention to detail and care for the product in a way that doesn’t break the bank. That’s why Glen Copack is proud to produce products in small batches which keeps prices manageable. We also do not require large minimum production runs.

“We have recently partnered with Glen Copack and now have the opportunity to sell our sauce to our very appreciative customers!” -Mike Sorge

More established businesses such as Sorge’s continue to use our services because of our quality controls and reliability. Mike has found “the sauce production process with Glen Copack to be very professional, efficient, and cost effective.”

Sales Manager for Glen Copack, Kelly Miller, would like to add that “one of my favorite parts of working at Glen Copack is being able to partner with local businesses to help promote their products to their loyal customers. It’s always a pleasure working closely together to produce their popular products the way they have envisioned.”

If you’re on the fence about producing your special product don’t just take our word for it, listen to Mike Sorge when he says, “I would recommend Glen Copack to any business that is looking for a partner to get bottling done.”


Glen Copack enjoys producing for local businesses and is grateful to work with the gem of Crystal City, Sorge’s Restaurant. Please visit their website for more information about their story, menus, and purchasing gift cards at . Make a reservation today and be sure to ask about the pasta sauce!

If you, or someone you know is looking to produce a product at an affordable rate, share this story along with our website and Facebook page @glencopackmanufacturing.

Thank you to Mike Sorge for contributing to the Glen Copack blog and for being a great client!

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