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DECEMBER 3, 2019

Catskill Provisions and Glen Copack work like busy bees to re-package NYS Farm raised honey and mixes

The proprietor of Catskill Provisions Claire Marin, has an interesting story. She was born in Spain and raised in the bustling town of New York City. She discovered the lovely Catskills town of Long Eddy and decided to dive into her hobby, beekeeping. This hobby allowed her to understand how bees work together and grow in their surroundings and watching them work inspired her to start a business.

An Emphasis on New York State

She wanted to focus on the ample resources available in upstate New York and work with local vendors and farmers to bring NY State Raw honey to market. Much like bees working harmoniously together, Catskill Provisions now tends to 300 beehives in Upstate New York and works with local beekeepers to harvest raw honey each year in small batches.

Claire’s commitment to organic and local food has made her products staples of New York State eateries, hotels, and specialty stores.

Catskills Provisions Needed a Food Co-Packer

Catskill Provisions realized that their business needed a reliable food co-packer to repackage their raw honey and to also produce their pancake mixes. They also knew that they wanted to work with a company that was based in New York State, so they began searching for a copacker.

“It was a necessary step for us to grow in order to fulfill orders from bigger clients. We needed a copacker to help get orders out in a quick and efficient way. In order for us to grow as a company, we needed a reliable copacker and Glen Copack was the solution.”

Claire M Marin, CEO Catskill Provisions

Catskills Provisions is a female led business with a strong connection to good causes. A percentage of Catskill Provisions’ sales goes to environmental causes dedicated to protecting bees and other pollinators. Glen Copack operates under the Arc of Schuyler, which provides supports to people with varying ability.


Claire mentions that a friend informed her of Glen Copack and had nothing but positive things to say about the business. Claire states that, “I am always looking for ways to benefit companies in the Upstate NY region and when I visited Glen Copack, I was impressed by the cleanliness, the systems that were in place, and the capacity. I also love the idea of supporting a facility that hires people with disabilities. It’s nice to see that they have a workplace to go to everyday and I’ve always wanted to support that.”


Together, this partnership keeps Catskill Provisions in line with their goals of supporting New York State businesses and belief in good causes and it highlights Glen Copack’s pride in working with New York based companies looking to expand their businesses.

“I also love the idea of supporting a facility that hires people with disabilities. It’s nice to see that they have a workplace to go to everyday and I’ve always wanted to support that.” -Claire M Marin

Working With Glen Copack

When asked about her business mission and working with Glen Copack, Claire added that her mission has been to “remain authentic, give back to my local community, and raise funds and awareness to save the bees and other pollinators.” We like that she includes, “I also hope that I’ve inspired others to be brave enough to get out of a job that isn’t fulfilling, to reinvent yourself and follow your dreams! Partnerships like the one we have with Glen Copack make that possible.”

Glen Copack packages a variety of NYS Farm Raised Honey for Catskill Provisions, as well as their ketchup and pancake mixes.

“Glen Copack is in line with supporting the community and with helping others and doing good. Being able to fulfill demand of customers and have a consistent product and do good while doing it is one of the biggest reasons why I was drawn to Glen Copack.” -Claire M Marin

Time to Shop!

Visit Catskill Provisions’ online store and pick up a jar of honey today! Glen Copack produces their honey infused ketchup and pancake mixes as well therefore there is a little bit of something for everyone at Catskill Provisions. 

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