Questions to Ask Co-Packers

What are some key questions to ask co-packers? Restauranteurs, food inventors, and food distributors have different needs, but starting with the basics is a smart approach. If you’re ready to engage a food co-packer, check out this list of questions before making that first phone call or sending an initial email.

What do you pack?

Different co-packers have different capabilities. For example, Glen Copack manufactures acidified and low-acidified foods. We’re also equipped for hot fill and cold fill bottling as well as for drill fill products. Other co-packers specialize in meat processing or have frozen food capabilities.

What don’t you pack?

Don’t just ask what a co-packer can do. Find out what they can’t do to avoid any misunderstandings. For example, Glen Copack can’t pack unpasteurized dairy or raw meat products. Co-packing companies with these capabilities exist, but they need to have the proper certifications and equipment.

How big are your batches?

Sometimes, a co-packer with the right capabilities can’t manufacture your projects in the quantities that you need. That’s why it’s important to ask about typical batch size and the ability to complete multiple batches in one day. At Glen Copack, our typical batch size is 60 gallons.

What do you supply?

Find out what a co-packer can supply in terms of ingredients, packaging, labels, and storage. For example, Glen Copack can share a list of providers who carry ingredients. We can also work with your packaging vendor and label designer. We don’t provide long-term storage, however.

What do I need to supply?

Find out everything you’ll need to supply – and when. At Glen Copack, this means ordering ingredients and packaging so that they arrive no sooner than one week before your scheduled production day. You’ll also need to arrange for your products to be picked up or shipped within 10 days of completion.

What additional services can you provide?

Whether you’re new to co-packing or a seasoned food entrepreneur, it’s important to determine what additional services (if any) that a co-packing company provides. For example, can you get assistance with packaging, sealing, labeling, and shipping preparation? Can you get help with a Scheduled Process, too?

Am I too far way to work with you?

Finally, don’t forgot to ask about geographic location. With Glen Copack, distance is not a barrier. In fact, we work with customers from all over the country. You can have your ingredients shipped to us, and then arrange to have your products shipped to the destination that you choose.

More Questions to Ask Co-Packers

These aren’t the only questions to ask co-packers, of course, but now you’re off to a strong start. To learn more about working with a food co-packer, contact Glen Copack and let us know that you read this blog entry.