Copacking Process

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Product

We begin the process of helping you bring your product to market with a conversation. Complete the Glen Copack inquiry form here and we will be in touch to schedule a no-charge call to discuss your product.

Step 2: Scheduled Process and Contract

After discussing your production needs, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which protects the confidentiality of your recipe as you further discuss your venture with Glen Copack. We will also help your determine if an FDA Scheduled Process is needed for your product. If so, we will assist you in obtaining this from our partners at Cornell University Department of Food Science. Glen Copack must receive your Scheduled Process before scheduling a production run.

Step 3: Production

We will invite you to be involved in a test manufacturing run of your product at Glen Copack. Customers are strongly encouraged to be present at the first production run.  Your product is manufactured in our kitchen, packaged, labeled, and prepared for shipment or personal pick up. Please call for pricing.